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Jigsaw Puzzle History
by Colin Southwell (c)

The first Jigsaw Puzzle was produced in 1760 by John Spilsbury, a London engraver and mapmaker. He came up with the idea to mount a map onto hardwood and, using a fine saw, cut around the borders of each country. His objective was to create an educational tool that Children could use to learn about geography.

By the 1850's jigsaw puzzles had become an entertainment. Advances in printing and cutting methods progressively reduced prices, culminating in the die-cut cardboard puzzles that are mass-produced today, but the same technological advances also reduced the individuality of puzzles and all but wiped-out the art of puzzle making. is pioneering the comeback of the custom made Jigsaw Puzzle by combining individuality with modern production techniques.

The Golden Age of jigsaw puzzles came in the 1920s and 30s with companies like Chad Valley and Victory in Great Britain and Einson-Freeman, Viking and others in the United States producing a wide range of puzzles reflecting both the desire for sentimental scenes, enthusiasm for the new technologies in rail and shipping and, last but not least, new marketing strategies.

It might seem strange at first that a non-necessity like a jigsaw puzzle would sell so well in the Depression when money was in short supply. But the appeal, then as now, was that the Jigsaw Puzzle bought a good deal of entertainment for a small price. The weekly jigsaw puzzle could constitute a solitary or group activity, and would occupy one's time enjoyably for hours. And, of course, a jigsaw puzzle was "recyclable," in that one could break the puzzle up once one had completed it and then pass it on to another family member or friend. Another point to bear in mind that jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts in the Depression discovered what many in our own time are rediscovering - that working on a jigsaw puzzle is a great way to reduce stress! is a leading manufacturer of Jigsaw Puzzles to retail and trade customers. Let us turn your digital images into a photo jigsaw puzzles or multi-photo collage puzzles.

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