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Photo Jigsaw Games - Family Fun with your Photos
by Colin Southwell (c)

Itís never been easier to take great photos! Digital cameras make the whole process of taking good pictures simple and easy allowing nearly anyone to take instant, high quality images. As a result, people are happy to take even more photographs since the number of pictures taken doesnít change the cost. The increased number of photographs and ease of transferring them onto a computer means that more and more people are ending up with excellent quality images that really capture the moment.

Itís not surprising then that the demand for personalized photo jigsaw games made from your own photos has increased in recent years as people look for new and innovative ways to enjoy their photos. A picture is worth a thousand words and what better way to remember the good times than through pictures.

Use your own Photo to make a Jigsaw Game

The Photo Jigsaw game is one such way to enjoy your pictures. These make perfect gifts and something which can be enjoyed and treasured for many years to come. The increased quality of even a basic entry level digital camera means that jigsaw puzzle manufacturers can now create puzzles of a larger size, with many pieces, without any loss of quality of image.

But many people are even going further than this, and taking personalized jigsaw puzzles to a new level. With the ease of image editing on a computer, it is now perfectly possible to create composite photo collage images using a number of photographs either scattered in a random way much like a pin board or a page from a scrapbook. By using a multi-photo collage image or composite image to create a puzzle, a really individual, unusual and fascinating puzzle game can be created.

Imagine being able to present a friend with a jigsaw puzzle that includes a half dozen photographs of recent trips out or shared events, or perhaps a photo jigsaw game given as a souvenir gift to parents on their childís first birthday. With a dozen photographs scattered across the whole puzzle each taken in a different month from the childís first year, this makes a great gift. You can almost certainly see with just a little imagination, how easy the ideas spring to mind to create something which is not merely a jigsaw puzzle, but a commemorative keepsake that will be treasured and enjoyed for many years.

Looking at images on a computer screen while enjoyable lacks the personal touch - the physical and tactile enjoyment of holding pictures. Creating personalized jigsaw puzzles is not simply creating a gift, but giving something which helps to recapture the tactile enjoyment of an image. By breaking a photograph up into dozens, scores or even hundreds of pieces, it creates an opportunity to hold, study and discover small elements that individually might otherwise become lost within the bigger pictures Ė a smile, a look, something forgotten, often treasured. It is true to say that jigsaw games really do help us to see our own photographs in a completely new way. is a leading manufacturer of Jigsaw Puzzles to retail and trade customers. Let us turn your digital images into a photo jigsaw puzzles or multi-photo collage puzzles.

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received my order today.
thank you thank you, absolutely fantastic! Looks GREAT!
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Absolutely amazing that one can order a custom item and have it created, shipped and delivered so quickly.


I received the puzzle today and it is perfect! Thank you so much for all your help. I would highly recommend jigsaw2order to anyone.


I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the puzzle I received from you. I made a special photograph of our entire family for the 60th wedding anniversary of my parents in law. One of their hobbies is to make jigsaw puzzles, so that is how I ended up with your company.

The quality of the puzzel is absolutely great. The delivery to Holland in less than 10 days from ordering was also impressive. Thanks again for making it possible to present such a unique and high-quality gift!




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