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Gifts for Grandparents that they will love
by Colin Southwell (c)

We all struggle from time to time trying to figure out an ideal gift for someone close to us. There are always going to be those people in our lives who seem to have everything they need or want. Even when you press for hints about what they might like to have, the answer almost always comes down to, “I don't really need one of those” or “I can’t really think of anything I need”. In particular, this is usually the case when thinking of gifts for grandparents or senior citizens.

The answer is to look at a gift ideas that are unique and personalized to an individual. When considering gifts for grandparents, one idea you must include is the Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle. Think about it - what could be a better gift for any grandparent than one that shows off their family and kids? Picture puzzles have long been a great gift idea for grandparents but now, with the availability of picture puzzles made from your own photos, why not take the idea to the next level. It’s so easy now to order a picture puzzle made from your favorite family photo. A personalized picture puzzle is a fun activity that can also help focus their attention, keep their minds sharp and give them the pleasure of seeing their grandkids.

When you're looking at creating a Photo Jigsaw Puzzle, there are a wide variety of options that are available to you:

  • You can create a custom jigsaw puzzle from a single photo of the family and kids. Most digital cameras today take photos of a size that is suitable for making into a personal picture puzzle.

  • You can take the idea a stage further by using multiple photos to create a Photo Collage Jigsaw Puzzle. Sites such as provide a simple and easy way for you to order a Photo Collage Jigsaw Puzzle based on images you upload to their website. You can choose the photos you want included, the background image or color, and request any text of message to be included in the layout. The result is a uniquely special personalized gift that grandma or granddad will love.

  • You will be able to choose the size of jigsaw puzzle that seems right for the recipient. If the grandparent involved has difficulty holding onto smaller pieces, you can order a puzzle with larger pieces – also a great advantage for those grandparents whose vision isn't quite as good as it once was.

Photo Collage Gifts for Grandparents

Simply put, giving a personalized picture puzzle or photo collage jigsaw puzzle as a gift allow you to feel confident that you can surprise the person “who has everything”. It’s a unique gift that allows you to share your memories with those grandparents who have not always had the chance to see their grandkids growing up. That of course is perhaps the greatest benefit to giving personalized photo puzzles as gifts - you are able to keep grandparents included and to let them see first hand the joy that your kids have experienced. is a leading manufacturer of Jigsaw Puzzles to retail and trade customers. Let us turn your digital images into a photo jigsaw puzzles or multi-photo collage puzzles.

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Customers say!
I just wanted to say thank-you! The jigsaw puzzle was "picture perfect" !! I really appreciate it! Thanks Again!


I received the custom-made puzzle today and am very happy with the fast delivery and quality of the product.  I ordered the puzzle for my 90-year old father.  The photograph is his favorite photo from a recent trip to Italy.  I'm sure it will keep him happy and occupied for many hours.  This is a great gift idea for an elderly family member.  Thank you for the excellent service.



Thank you very much!  I received my order this morning and I am very happy with the quality!  Thanks for getting it to me so quickly.



I just wanted to let you know that the puzzle came out great, and she loved it.  I got it to the date exactly.  Thanks again for everything and I will definately be ordering again.




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