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Family Reunion Ideas
Photo Collage Jigsaw Puzzles

Bring together family memories
....... to create an ideal gift.

What better way to bring family members together than over a specially created Family Reunion Picture Collage Jigsaw Puzzle. Unique to your family, it offers an activity that all ages can participate in - from kids to grandparents. Not only are they fun, but they naturally encourage family members to interact with one another for the perfect family activity.

Puzzles make great family reunion games. A puzzle offers an enjoyable way to get to know your family and appeals to a variety of ages. They also provide the perfect memento that family members can take away with them. Send us a collection of family photos and images either before or after the family reunion and let us design a special Family Picture Collage as unique as the memories in your life.

A Family Picture Collage Puzzle is...
unique to you and your family
combines memories of people, places and events like no other gift
gives fun and enjoyment while re-living special memories
creates a lasting keepsake which can be preserved and framed

Family Reunion Idea

In some ways, a Jigsaw Puzzle is like a family reunion. A reunion brings all your family together at one time in one place - just like fitting all the pieces of a puzzle together.

For an unusual invitation idea, why not send out one or more puzzle pieces to each family member with instructions to bring them along to the family reunion. As each family arrives, they can fit their jigsaw puzzle piece into the Family Picture Collage puzzle. Once everyone has arrived, the puzzle is complete.

Every Picture collage is individually designed to bring you a unique puzzle. Prices start from as little as $65.95 and include the layout and design of your photo collage and the enhancement and retouching of your photos (if required). You can also give us a text message or greeting which we will include in the final design.

Take a look at some Picture Collage Jigsaw Puzzle projects we have completed for past customers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to make a Picture Collage Puzzle?
How do I send my photos?
How many photos do I need to send?
What size and format of the image files should I send?
I only have photo prints. Can I still order a photo collage?

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