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Selling Photographs as Jigsaw Puzzles
Image Contributor FAQ

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Contributor FAQ

1. How do I become a contributor and sell your photos?
Anybody with an image to sell can be a contributor to A contributor could be an illustrator, photographer or agency. It may be someone who is none of the above, but has access to quality images and a scanner! Quality is our only condition for entry, and all images must meet our criteria before being accepted.

2. What kind of images should I submit?
We are looking for quality images of all subjects. What we are looking for are photos which are composed well with lots of detail and incorporate interesting subjects. No one wants to make a puzzle with vast areas of blue sky or dark areas. Typically, a good puzzle image with have a point of interest in both the foreground and background and must be technically sound with good focus, exposure and colour.

3. What subjects are you looking for?
We are open to any subject or view which would make a good Jigsaw Puzzle. Some examples are: Picturesque landscapes, street scenes, famous landmarks and architecture, interesting people, colourful objects such as cars, trains, planes, flowers, or buildings; set-piece pictures, nature shots of animals or birds. Our limits are your imagination - you get the idea!

4. How are the images licensed?
We only sell your photos as Jigsaw Puzzles when a customer places an order. The Customer can choose any image from our Image Gallery to be made into a Jigsaw. In other words, your image is used only once for one purpose - to create the jigsaw puzzle for the customer.

5. How am I paid?
Each time a customer chooses one of your photos for a jigsaw puzzle, a commission (royalty) is calculated and posted to your account. When your account balance reaches $100, we will prepare and send to you a bank draft for the amount earned.

6. Do I need a Bank Account?
Yes - the Bank draft will be made out in your name and you must pay it into your bank account in order to collect the money.

7. How can I increase my commission (royalty) percentage?
The more images we choose from your collection to be in our gallery, the higher your percentage becomes. Our objective is to encourage you to submit as many of your top photos as possible. The more great photos we have in our Gallery, the more choice our customers will have and the more money you make.

8. What will it cost me if I don’t sell any images?
Nothing. There is no cost associated with having your images in our gallery. Your are however responsible for sending us either a CDROM with hi-res scans of the images that have been selected; or the original negatives or slides associated with these images.

9. Can I remove my images from the Gallery later if I want to?
Yes - no problem. Just e-mail us and tell us which images you want us to remove.

10. Is there any Agreement to sign?
Yes - we have a Contributor Agreement which outlines the terms and conditions of our agreement with you and provides us with the authority to use your images. The Agreement will be e-mailed to you during the sign-up process.


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