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Joining the Affiliate Program

What is the Jigsaw2order Affiliate Program?

The Affiliate Program is a rewards program in which webmasters can place links to on their website, newsletters and e-mails and earn commissions from revenue generated by visitors that they refer.

Who can participate?

Anyone with a website may participate. If you have a website and think that your visitors may be interested in our puzzle products, we welcome you to join our affiliate program. Please note that we do not accept applications from sites showing pornography or violence. Please review our Affiliate Agreement for additional details on prohibited content.

I'm not a US citizen. Can I still participate as an Affiliate?
Yes. The Affiliate Program is open to all webmasters, regardless of location.

How can I work with Jigsaw2order to make money?
After you have been accepted as a Jigsaw2order Affiliate, you place banners and/or text links to our products on your website giving your site visitors the opportunity to buy our Jigsaw Puzzle products. When you direct a visitor from your website to and they make a purchase, you are paid a commission of 18% of the net value of the sale. We provide you with a range of banners, text links and other tools to help you promote our products.

Will it cost me anything to become an affiliate?
Nothing. There are no fees associated with taking part in our Affiliate program.

What is the best way to contact the Affiliate Manager?
For all affiliate related correspondence, send an email to You should receive a detailed response within 2 business days.

How much money can I make?

How much can I make?

Every time a visitor from your website buys one of our products, you automatically make money. To get an idea or possible earnings, click here. Simply add links to your web site, email and/or newsletters and will pay you an 18% commission for every sale you help generate. As your cumulative sales in any calendar month pass predefined levels, your commission rate will be increased for sales during that month. Click here to review our great Puzzle Affiliate Commission Structure.

Is there any limit to the amount I can earn?
There is NO limit on the amount you can make as a Affiliate. If you generate a large order, you will receive your full commission with no upper limit on the amount earned per sale.

What is the average value of a sale?
Our average net sales value per order is around US$50.00 however we regularly get orders in excess of US$150.00.

What happens when a Customer order is cancelled?
If a customer places an order which is subsequently cancelled, the sale is voided and your commission will be adjusted accordingly. Our cancellation and product return rates are way below 1%.

Can I earn more if I sell more?
Yes. We have a tiered commission structure that rewards high performing affiliates. If your sales in a month exceed a certain level, your commission rate is automatically increased for all sales made that month. Click here to review our great Puzzle Affiliate Commission Structure.

Getting Paid

When and how do I get paid?

We work with the network to record all sales and make payments to affiliates. ShareaSale are one of the most reliable and respected affiliate networks today with thousands of members.

ShareaSale issue payments via check and Direct Deposit on the 20th of each month. These payments are made to those affiliates who have reached a minimum of US$50 before the end of the previous month. For example, if an affiliate earns US$50 by the end of February, they are paid those commissions on March 20th. If the affiliate did not reach the $50 minimum until March 1st, those commissions would be paid on April 20th.

How are orders from my site tracked and credited?
All links from your site to ours include a unique ID. This ID allows us to identify customers coming from your site and to credit you if they make a purchase. It is essential that all links on your site be created using the exact HTML code provided by ShareaSale so that they are tracked correctly.

What kinds of stats are available for the affiliates?
Upon joining the program, you will have access to the ShareaSale website where transactions and activity is logged and available for review in detail. You can also get aggregate statistics on the number of hits and sales made over a period of time.

What if a visitor to my site clicks through to, does not make a purchase, but returns to later to make a purchase?
We will track return visitors for 120 days through the use of cookies. You will be compensated for any purchases that occur within 120 days of the customer's initial visit to

What if a Customer places their order via the telephone?
We encourage all customers to place their orders via our website and do not offer an 800 number. Where a customer does contact us by e-mail or phone, we will send them a link where they can complete their order via our website.

Linking to

How can I promote
We will provide you with buttons, banners, direct product links and text links for use on your site, newsletter, or e-zine. From time to time, we will also send you articles and other site content which you can use to promote products.

How do I create links to Jigsaw2order?
After you have been accepted as a Jigsaw2order Affiliate, you will receive instructions on how to create affiliate links from your site to Jigsaw2order. You don't have to be an HTML expert - even beginners can create links in just a few minutes. It is essential that all links on your site be created using the exact HTML code provided by Jigsaw2order so that they are tracked correctly.

I have an e-mail newsletter. Can I put affiliate links in that?
Yes. If you have an e-mail newsletter or e-zine, you can include our banners and text links in these documents. Please request approval by sending a sample of your e-zine or newsletter to

Other Opportunities
If you are looking for partnership opportunities that extend beyond our standard affiliate program, please Contact Us. Be sure to include detailed information about your web site and the type of relationship you had in mind.

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