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We are committed to the growth of our business via an affiliate sales channel and offer excellent commissions and incentives to those interested to work with us.

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Jigsaw Puzzle Affiliate Program

The market for Jigsaw Puzzles is massive not limited by age, nationality, sex or income level. Combine this with limited competition and the ability to offer personalization, and you have an unlimited sales opportunity.

Jigsaw Puzzles have been around for 200+ years and are still a popular pastime today. Join us and take advantage of a product that offers immediate customer recognition and requires little pre-sell.

The Digital Cameras has now given every family access to high quality digital images. Many are now looking for fun and interesting ways to use their digital photos. The Personalized Photo Puzzle is perfect to fill this need.

WHY CHOOSE JIGSAW2ORDER? was launched in 2002 and has rapidly established itself as one of the leading suppliers of personalized Jigsaw Puzzles and Photo Collage Puzzles on the web. Our reputation for product quality and customer service is second to none.

PRODUCTS - We are the only merchant that offers 1200 and 1500 piece personalized puzzles as well as a full range of other sizes to suit all ages. This offers an excellent opportunity for affiliates to increase their income by promoting these unique larger ticket items.

ADDED VALUE - We add value by also offering a professional Photo Collage design service to our Customers. This is an excellent opportunities for our affiliates to earn from 15 - 40 USD from a single sale of a Collage Puzzle.

QUALITY - We produce a high quality puzzle using professional photo enlargements and quality cardboard puzzle boxes. This results in a high percentage of repeat business. With a 120 day tracking cookie, that's business the Affiliate gets recognition for.

TRUST - We manage our program through ShareaSale, one of the most respected affiliate networks available. With a strict Anti Parasite stand, reliable tracking and timely payments, you get full benefit for your work.

COMMITMENT - We are committed to the growth of our business via an affiliate sales channel and offer resources and support to help our affiliates succeed. Tell us what you need, and we will do our best to provide it.



Commission rates from 18 - 22% .....

Regular Cash Bonus and Incentives schemes throughout the year

120 day cookie

Full set of Banners, text adds and direct product links.

Strict Anti-Parasite Stand

Shareasale Exclusive Member on Auto Deposit

Join our Affiliate Program

Jigsaw Puzzle Affiliate Program

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