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1008 piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Made from your own Photo

1008 piece Puzzle

With an aspect ratio of 2:1, this is one of our extra wide puzzle sizes making especially suitable for wide landscape shots or photos of large groups of people. It is also a great size to choose for a Photo Collage puzzle offering lots of room for a unique design. This large puzzle offers a challenge for everybody and is ideal as a individual or family group activity.

Puzzle Size: 18 x 37in
No. of Pieces: 1008 pieces
Quality: Full Color Enlargement
Included: Puzzle Box and Print
Delivery: Arrives in 6 - 10 days

US$ 99.95



The digital photo file produced by most digital cameras is perfect for our needs. If you are creating your own image, we recommend saving your image as a JPG file using a high quality (low compression) setting. We also accept other formats such as TIF, BMP and PDF. and can also produce puzzles from Powerpoint slides.


Image quality depends on the resolution and quality of the original picture. Images from a 3+ megapixel digital camera make the best puzzles however quality scanned images also work well. Make sure you scan any 4x6in print at 600dpi or greater.

When ordering, it is a good idea to select the option to upload your image file. Our system will check the resolution of your image file and make sure it is suitable for the size of puzzle you have ordered.

Do not send slides or negatives as we cannot process these.

If there are any concerns about the quality of the digital image, we will contact you before proceeding.


Once we have your confirmed order and a suitable sized image file, we need 6-8 days to produce your puzzle and a further 3-4 days to pack and ship it to you.


Our 1008 piece puzzle is produced to the highest standards. Your picture is used to produce a professional quality Photo enlargement the same as you would get from your local photo lab. This offers true lasting colors and a quality feel to the puzzle. We DO NOT use low quality inkjet prints or cheap heat transfer images.

The finished puzzle is packaged in a quality pre-printed flip top box with a print of the puzzle image enclose. Our puzzles are produces to a high standard with quality being the same or better than you would buy in your local store.

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What our
Customers say!

I am very pleased with the end product. I could not have asked for a better looking puzzle, and I received it in less than 10 days. Thanks very much - I will definitely return in the future!


Thanks so much for all your help with the jigsaw puzzle. We have received and completed it and I am really happy with it. The quality is great. We are going on holiday soon and no doubt new designs and orders will follow soon after.




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